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Inner Child + Generational Healing

Inner Child Healing Hypnotherapy Session

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This is my signature offer for Inner Child and Generational Trauma healing ✨ 

Hypnotherapy works RAPIDLY to help you overcome + address the root cause of your suffering while upgrading your mindset to a place of empowerment. My clients often report that it felt like just one session alone gave them the same benefits as several years of therapy

I have supported my clients with everything from inner child healing, overcoming generational trauma, self-esteem issues, lack of purpose, nervous system regulation, confidence, learning to set boundaries, and beyond.

This guided experience will help you let go of conditioning from the past so you can move into the future with confidence, self-love, healthy relationships and a truly FULL cup. 

The session itself will take ~90 minutes and you will receive a personalized hypnosis audio recording afterwards to integrate the healing work post-session.

3 Month 1:1 Inner Child Healing Container

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Are you ready to write a new story for your future? If you resonate with being an empath or a black sheep and you feel called to take responsibility for your healing, this container is for you. 

Over the 3 months, we will work closely together to identify + address the root cause of your challenges, do transformative inner child healing work, release limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and guide you back to your authentic self so you can share your unique light with the world. 

You will leave the 6 weeks with clarity, confidence, forgiveness and a sense of purpose and healing - having released so much that has kept you stuck in the past. You will be forging a new path for your future, based on the new story that you will be choosing to live and embodying everyday. 

BONUS✨ Receive 3 custom hypnosis audio recordings (made just for you!) to listen to for 21 days (minimum) each. 

Custom Hypnosis Audio Recording

Think of this as a supercharged guided meditation (made just for you) that will help you achieve your desired result.

Whether you have a specific goal or are just looking for an energetic boost, upgrading our mindset through hypnosis is a key trick to sustaining our sense of happiness, ease, and wellbeing. 

Aligning our thoughts with our actions, this custom recording will help create new neural pathways to reinforce whatever you are manifesting - which of course, makes what you desire come SO much quicker (and with more ease)! 

Listen to the audio for a minimum of 21 days to integrate the healing work or mindset you desire. Common topics include self-esteem, confidence, money mindset, overall health, motivation, sleep, weight issues, overcoming challenges, relationship issues, manifestation, business, abudance, energy, etc.
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