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RTT & Inner Child Healing Packages

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a powerful combination of hypnotherapy, NLP & CBT that works through your subconscious mind to quickly identify the root cause of your issue, using techniques that allow you to reframe it, eliminate it, and wire in a totally new, empowered way of being! If you're ready to remove eradicate mental health struggles and limiting beliefs for good, without chemicals or years of therapy, this is the path to healing and transformation for you. Learn more about RTT by clicking: here or scroll down to take a look at my offers :)

Rapid Transformational Therapy Session

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RTT clients report that it feels like years of therapy in one session.
You can receive outstanding, lasting results from just one session.
You will be given a personal transformation audio to listen to for 21 days following your session. This helps to create new neural pathways that integrate your new transformation (it's not woo-woo, it's neuroscience!). Over the 21 day process, I will be checking in regularly to support you. 

My main focuses with RTT clients are inner child healing, depression, anxiety, confidence, self-esteem, relationship problems, mental health, and childhood issues. However, RTT/Hypnotherapy can help with an abundance of issues. E-mail me at [email protected] if you are wondering if I can help with your specific issue.

6 Week 1:1 
Release & Transform

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This package is for anybody who wants to be closely guided over a six week process of healing and transformation using several modalities. Together we will be doing deep inner work to create the most empowered, confident, free and next level YOU that you can imagine. Remove subconscious blocks, heal your inner child, free yourself from the past, upgrade your energy, develop gratitude, and manifest what you want in life.

Weeks 1 & 4 will be RTT sessions where we clear out any subconscious blocks while upgrading and rewiring your mind for your desired results.

Weeks 2 & 5 will be mentoring sessions where we dive deeper into what may be holding you back and what you truly want your new life to look like. I will teach you all about the power of manifestation and provide powerful tools and strategies for personal growth and development. 

Weeks 3 & 6 will be reiki energy healing sessions, where we clear out any old stagnant energy that is holding you back and upgrade your energy centres - allowing you to become a vibrational match to the new transformation you are stepping into. 

6 Week RTT Experience -
2 Sessions

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Together we will be doing a deep dive over 6 weeks in order to remove any blocks, limitations or beliefs that are holding you back from living your best life and being the you that you want to be. 

Your first session will allow us to get to the root cause of your main issue, while the second session will allow us to clear out any remaining blocks to allow you to further integrate your new transformation.

In between sessions, I will be checking in with you regularly to support you on your journey with whatever is coming up for you at the time. I will also be providing you with knowledge, strategies and tools for further personal development, manifestation and transformation.

Discovery & Transformational Recording

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This is for anybody who is looking to dip their toes into my services with a smaller investment. Together we will identify the core limiting beliefs that are holding you back and the results that you are looking to create. 

With this information, I will provide you with tools, strategies and guidance, and create a personal transformation recording for you to listen to for 21 days. This recording will fire new neural pathways in your brain that allow you to wire in a new transformation that are based on your desired results. Common topics include self-esteem, confidence, money mindset, overall health, motivation, energy, etc.

Reiki Energy Healing Services

I am trained in a powerful form of Reiki Healing called Usui Holy Fire III.
All healing sessions are held over Zoom. To learn more about Reiki, click here or keep scrolling to take a look at my offers :) 

Intuitive Reading Services

My journey and commitment to the teachings of tarot has been ongoing for nearly a decade. Tarot allows me to receive any intuitive guidance that is coming up for you. 
The helpful (and always positive) insights that come through are messages for whatever is intended for you in that moment and circumstance. 
Learn more about my tarot services here or continue scrolling to review my offers :)
All spreads will be e-mailed to you within 48 hours of purchase using a detailed written & visual PDF report.

Please note: While it is helpful to have a specific question to ask the tarot, a specific question is not required to receive a reading. You can just state on your intake form that you want a general reading, if so.
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