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Transformational Hypnotherapy + 
6 Week Alchemize Your Lineage Container ♡

Transformational Hypnotherapy Session

Hypnotherapy (RTT) works RAPIDLY to help you with an abundance of issues whether they be mental, emotional, to physical in nature. 

I have supported my clients with everything from anxiety, depression, confidence, physical ailments, abundance blocks, and beyond. 

We will start with an intake so I can learn more about your presenting problem and what results you are looking to gain from your session. 

The session itself will take ~90 minutes and you will receive a custom hypnosis audio recording afterwards to wire in your transformation!

Common topics include: anxiety, depression, self-esteem, confidence, money mindset, overall health, motivation, manifestation, energy, etc.

Alchemize your Lineage ♡
6 Week 1:1 Container

This is for the empathic soul who has experienced generational trauma and is ready to write a new story for themselves and their lineage. This healing journey is for YOU if you're looking to go on a complete and total deep dive with ongoing support for 6 weeks.

Over the 6 weeks, we will identify the root cause of your issue, upgrade you through various techniques, release any issues, and rewrite your story through transformational hypnotherapy, coaching, mentoring and energy work. 

You will leave the 6 weeks with clarity, forgiveness, transformation and healing - having released so much that has kept you stuck in the past. You will be forging a new path for your future, and the future of your lineage, based on the new story that you will be choosing to live

You will receive 3 custom hypnosis audio recordings (made just for you!) to listen to for 21 days each. These recordings will help you develop optimal neural pathways that will wire in healthy thought patterns & beliefs designed to empower you, based on your desired results. 

Reiki Energy Healing

I am trained in a powerful form of Reiki Healing called Usui Holy Fire III.

All healing sessions are held over Zoom. To learn more about Reiki, click here or continue scrolling to take a look at my offers!

Intuitive Tarot Reports

My journey and commitment to the teachings of Tarot has been ongoing for nearly a decade. Tarot allows me to receive any intuitive guidance that is coming up for you. 

The helpful (and always constructive) insights that come through are messages for whatever is intended for you in that moment and circumstance.

This will be e-mailed to you with a detailed written & visual PDF report within 72 hours of purchase.

Please note: While it is helpful to have a specific question to ask the tarot, a specific question is not required to receive a reading. You can just state on your intake form that you want a general reading, if so.
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