Tarot Readings

My journey and commitment to the teachings of tarot has been ongoing for nearly a decade. Tarot allows me to connect with your guides for any intuitive guidance that is coming up for you. The insights that come through are messages directly from spirit to you; whatever is intended for you in that moment and circumstance.

The 'Year Ahead' spread will take you on a detailed journey of what to expect each month for the next 12 months. 

The 'Celtic Cross' Spread is one of the most detailed spreads. It will take you step by step through all the different aspects to your situation, while offering solutions and guidance. 

The 'Past, Present, Future' spread will show you how a situation has progressed and how it continues you impact you now and into the future. 

The 'One Question' spread will allow you to see what energetic influence is impacting your situation and how to steer that influence to your benefit.


All spreads will be e-mailed to you within 48 hours of purchase using a detailed written & visual PDF report.

Please note: While it is helpful to have a specific question to ask the tarot, a specific question is not required to receive a reading. You can just state on your intake form that you want a general reading, if so.
  • "I feel so blessed to have received such a lovely healing from Chelsea. I truly felt held and safe in the entire experience! By the end I could really feel all the healing that had been done and how much lighter I felt! I received everything I needed from that experience and I am so grateful!"

    D.M., Kamloops

  • "The reiki healing I received from Chelsea was such a clearing experience. I could tell she saw me in my highest expression and that was so touching to feel. I could just tell how much my well-being meant to her and how genuinely motivated she was to send me the reiki healing. Chelsea will make you feel safe, seen and truly cared for. Even for a few days after the session, I could feel how I was supported by the reiki energy to release old patterns that weren't serving me. Thank you so much, Chelsea, for your care and the beautiful experience that I had with you."

    C.L., Victoria

  • “I recently had an RTT session with Chelsea and I can't recommend it highly enough! Chelsea is kind, compassionate and an excellent listener. I felt very supported and held through the entire experience. Since I received the session I have felt happy, positive and confident; it feels like I have received the same benefits as fifteen years of therapy in just a few hours. There is so much value to reprogramming your neural pathways at the subconscious level and it's absolutely unreal how immediate the results can be! I feel so good that I have invested in myself with this therapy. I can't recommend Chelsea highly enough!”

    C.K., Vancouver

  • "During my sessions with Chelsea, I have had such heart healing, she holds the most accepting space! She offers uplifting guidance and has made me feel so seen! She's able to pin point exactly what I need to hear on my journey that will serve me at the given moment! Her sessions are super supportive and I always leave them feeling so much love for myself! Which is such a gift! I highly recommend connecting with Chels!"

    D.M., langley

  • "If I had known what I would get out of my RTT session with Chelsea, I would have done it so much sooner and given her all of my money. I have gone from unhealthy eating patterns like binging comfort food or not eating at all, to eating the cleanest I have ever in my life. I take better care of myself and have actually been motivated to exercise and enjoy it! It's been 21 days and I honestly can't believe where I am now. I have finally and EASILY achieved my goal of having health be easy and second nature. Thank you for my new life, Chelsea!"

    K.A., Vancouver

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