About your Hypnotherapist, Chelsea ♡

Hi, I'm Chelsea!

As an Inner Child Healing Hypnotherapist, I LOVE to help people in the same ways I needed someone when I was younger. Growing up and into my adolescence, I always felt "too different", not enough, and was just filled to the BRIM with anxiety and lack of purpose. Not to mention, the childhood trauma stored in my body had gone completely unaddressed (after years of numbing with medication and trying to get support in a system that continued to fail me). I always knew there was something different about me, but I wasn't yet aware that I could make my uniqueness my superpower to completely transform my life, my mindset, my career, my self-esteem - and EVERYTHING in between. 

After growing up and hitting my personal rock bottom, I was so tired of the anxiety, the self sabotage, the toxic cycles repeating themselves. I couldn't spend another day in bed, feeling horrible about myself and wishing for my problems to go away. I decided that my circumstances were not what was intended for me and my life. I wanted to show up more powerfully, and not supress who I am. I wanted to live life authentically, and not be a product of my conditioning. I didn't know how I would do it, but I decided I was going to once and for all put in the REAL work to heal. For me, at that time in my life, that was the only option.

After trying it all.. THAT, my friends, is when I discovered the power of hypnotherapy + inner child healing!
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With both skeptiscim and excitement, I reached out to a Hypnotherapist. During my session, for the first time I was able to address the root cause of my pain. I connected with my inner child and gave her the love + safety she so desperately needed, while showing her how free she was in my world now. It was one of the most powerful and profound experiences of my life and it felt like everything from childhood up onto that day had finally lifted off of my chest. That little girl in me was safe, protected, loved, seen, and nurtured. She did not have to go through life holding that deep-rooted anxiety and sadness any more.
Since then, I am so grateful to say that I have put in the work to absolutely transform my life to a point where the past feels like an entirely different LIFETIME, rather than just a few years. After going through my own personal healing process, I left my career as a Social Worker to become a Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer & Mindset Coach and put all of the tools I've learned together to start my own business where I help other empaths + black sheep overcome generational trauma and heal their inner child so they can go after what they truly want while embodying all that they uniquely are at their core.

After saying goodbye to childhood trauma, limiting beliefs, mental health struggles and making myself small, instead I am living in my power and purpose - being 100% authentically who I came here to be. Overcoming my struggles, I have now written a new story for my life; and I am so honoured to help you do the same for yours! 
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Investing in your own healing PAYS OFF.

Speaking from experience, you will never regret putting in the work towards your own healing
aligning your mind, body and soul. 

All areas of your life just fall beautifully into place for you after you do. 
Take it from somebody who's been there and knows :)

If you're feeling called to let go of your conditioning and create a life you LOVE, 
reach out and let's get started!

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